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3 Best SUVs for Storage Space

Published March 1, 2018

SUVs are often full to the brim with kids, pets, paraphernalia, garbage, so on and so forth. You need space to store things, plain and simple. Which cars do it best?

Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon XL

The General Motors’ twins have their rivals licked when it comes to ultimate storage space. Big enough to warrant having their own zip-code, with all seats up and occupied there is a whopping 39cu ft still available in the rear. With the second and third rows folded, you have almost 122cu ft of cargo volume. Put simply, to get more space you’ll need to buy a van.

Honda Pilot

It might be somewhat surprising, but the Pilot is as much a minivan as it is an SUV, at least in terms of cabin space given its relatively demure size. Seats up, it is only just bested by the likes of the Ford Explorer for cargo space but, one row at a time, the Pilot wins back the advantage, with some 47cu ft of space behind the second row and 81cu ft when the second row is additionally folded. Coupled with a massive center console cubby, a clever removable cargo floor, plus deep door pockets and a well thought-out interior, the Pilot makes a strong claim to be considered a worthy purchase on interior space and flexibility alone. A very clever mid-size SUV.

Ford Flex

An unconventional choice, given the Flex is more crossover than SUV, but as it offers all-wheel-drive and seating for seven, it snuck into contention in much the same way a pick-up truck with leather seats is often called a car. That all said, the still-cool Flex harks back to the days of long road trips in station wagons bursting with holiday essentials. While it is light on sales these days, it is nevertheless big on interior space, with a very impressive 83cu ft available behind the front seats. It is easy to load thanks to an un-SUV-like ride height, and with 287HP from its naturally aspirated V6, or 365HP from the EcoBoost option, there is plenty of grunt to haul whatever it is you’ve got in the back effortlessly.
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