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3 Best Vehicles For 3-row Legroom

Published March 1, 2018

Spacious family cars are not simply a luxury anymore; the market demands them, and with so much choice it is often the ones that offer the most comfort that win out. It isn’t such a surprise the vehicles here are all SUVs. Even compared to minivans, the biggest SUVs are generous in their proportions and are only let down by their large external dimensions in day to day driving. That said, which offers the most space across the three rows of seating? For the purpose of simplicity, we only considered the second and third rows of seating, as in all of these vehicles the front passengers have more than enough space if you’re playing on the average side of the NBA.

1. Ford Expedition

The alloy-bodied, truck-based SUV from Ford is a huge proposition standard, and then you consider it is six inches longer than a Chevy Tahoe and take a deep breath. It’s a big old bus, the Expedition, and with the possibility of 40”+ for each row, it wins the legroom race hands down. Even with the second row seats moved as far back as possible, the third row still has 36.1” of legroom, which can be increased to a ridiculous 40.9” with the second row as far forward as possible. If cargo space is a concern, there is the foot-longer Expedition MAX to consider...

2. Toyota Sequoia

Toyota is never one to run away from the heat of battle, and with the Sequoia it does a fine job of hauling a team of passengers in comfort. Its 40.9” of second row legroom is only just eclipsed by the massive Ford, and its 35.3” of legroom in the third row sees it sneak ahead of most others in the class. That it’s a well-built and comfortable vehicle for traveling in is a superb bonus.

3. Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon XL

The General Motors twins have a reputation for offering space aplenty, and they back it up with generous numbers for rear-seated occupants. They each have 39.7” of second row legroom and 34.5” in the third row, rounding out the Top 3.

Honorable Mentions

Somewhat surprisingly, the Mercedes Benz GLS pushes the General’s trucks closest when it comes to passenger legroom. While lacking somewhat in the second row legroom stakes with 38.5”, it gets very close with a generous 35” in the third row, outdoing many of its rivals. Even if it is lacking ever so slightly in outright space, it will make the biggest impression on passengers with its unsurpassed cabin quality and refinement. Nissan’s Armada can still comfortably fit an army in its cabin, with a generous 41” of second row legroom but a relatively narrow 28.4” legroom in the third row, still easily eclipsing the likes of Chevrolet’s Tahoe (with 24.8” of third row legroom).
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